35 thoughts on “CBD Oil, Moringa Oleifera and Vaping

  1. If marijuana is legal in your state get the cbd oil with a low dose of THC that is what will help your pain. Your better of taking the drops of CBD oil over vaping it. Also do your research on the companies you are buying CBD oil from. The FDA does not monitor the actual dosage. You may be paying for something you are not getting. Companies will claim they test for dosage but that will only be for one batch and not anymore batches. You can call the companies and ask if they test every batch. It can be very shady as to what you are actually getting.

  2. Good morning Granny. All of this hoopla you hear on the news about vaping being dangerous is related to vaping nicotine. And the carrier that the nicotine is in. When I do CBD oil I always Vape it. And I get much better result than if I take it under my tongue. I am not so concerned about what they're talking about on the news with Vapes I don't believe it's true. Again maybe with e-cigs where you vape the cig that's where most of the problems are lying that they're discussing. I haven't heard of the other herb that you have. that looks interesting I'm going to have to try that. Good luck granny I hope you feel better and I hope you find the more natural ways to be the ways that work.

  3. Well, right now I am noot considering CBD oil for myself because I am in some other medications, like you, but what made me decide not to try it because of my depression medication. I know it can 't be mixed up, but if in the future I find a very good Dr. that deals very well with CBD oil and my medications, I will try it. I do can tell you that I am using the veterinary CBD oil in my old dog, that has arthritis and it was a pain for him to get up and walk around, and it has been amazing for him. I a matter of days he was running around and playing like he used to do before arthritis, he grows a beautiful, black hair that is amazing and he looks really beautiful. He started sleeping all night long and eating very well again. After seeing the results with our dog, my husband stat using it and he said his pain had improved a lot and his sleeping as wells, but the difference it makes in my dog's life I would not change at all. With our dog, I am using the veterinary one of 1000 mg I drop a day. His bottle is $29,00 and lasts a month, but he is so happy again that it is worth it. Just, so you know the CBD oil, a good one, do helps. I love, love watching and hearing you every time you come out. Keep it up.

  4. Don't try the vaping. It's bad on the lungs because there are all kinds of chemicals in it they don't tell you about. I just started Moringa oleifera tea but it's too soon to tell anything yet. The tea isn't bad as far as taste goes. I got it on Amazon. But I'm willing to try anything for my diabetes and blood pressure problems but I wouldn't Vape because they proven that is not healthy.

  5. I use the CBD oil for severe lower back pain and arthritis. I take it under the tongue. It along with a oil called Copaiba has help make the pain tolerable. But both are expensive. I tried vaping but never saw any relief. It didn't even help with my anxiety or sleep. Then I started having shortness of breath. I was gasping for air at night while laying down. I saw my Dr. about the SOB and he sent me to a cardiologist. He did all kinds of tests and found nothing wrong with my heart or lungs. by then the SOB had stopped and I felt better. A few months later I put two and two together and realized the SOB stopped when I stopped vaping. I wouldn't recommend it.

  6. Vaping is very bad for your lungs. I can’t speak on CBD oil I haven’t tried it but I have lots of people I know that use it. I’d like to but I’m scared there may be traces of THC. I don’t want to lose my job. I’d like more info on your experience with it.

  7. Hello Granny! I've never actually heard of Moringa before – that's a completely new one on me! Is it a vitamin type thing? CBD Oil, I've heard plenty about, but I'm not sure if you can legally buy or use it here in Ireland…….vaping, I wouldn't try personally, I just don't like the idea of it for myself. I get a lot of pain with arthritis, costocondritis, and nerve pain too, so decent pain relief I would love to find. I dislike strong painkillers, because of their side effects, especially since I find them only slightly effective when it comes to relieving pain. I've used a TENS machine, which works ok for mild to moderate pain, but doesn't relieve severe pain, for me anyway. To date, the most reliable pain relief I've had is from a hot water bottle! But, of course, that has drawbacks too. I've developed a condition called "erythema ab igne", and my doctor warns me I'm in danger of ending up in hospital with cellulitis. But, what else can I do, is my answer to that. It's a trade off. Pain relief in exchange for other issues………..and I can cope with the other difficulties far better than I can with the pain. I'm never pain free, but tis well to be so well – other people suffer far more than I do, I know that. To see people who suffer more and yet do so with grace and patience, is very inspiring, and tremendously humbling. I wish I could eradicate pain, especially for children. I just pray God's presence, love, and support, is felt by everyone who suffers, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. Anyways, Granny, I hope you have a good week, and I look forward to your next video. God Bless you, and ALL your family, friends, and neighbours too. Take care x

  8. Hi Granny, I usually dont comment on your posts but feel the need to on this one. My great nephew is Coltyn Turner and he has been taking cannabis oil for his Crohn's disease for over 5 years and has achieved clinical remission from it. In fact he was the first pediatric medial cannabis patient for Chrons disease.He uses a 1:1 ratio of cbd and THC. He even has his own brand of oil now made by a company named Mary's Medicinals. This company does have a CBD only side called Mary's Nutritionals. They have several different products like oils, pain relief gels, salves ECT. They are tested and work well. I use the oil and several other products of theirs. Now I will say they are pricey but you get what you pay for. Be careful of what you buy. Not all companies selling cbd oils are legitimate . Please research this company and also Google my great nephew Coltyn Turner. His story is a miracle! I won't buy cbd products that I haven't researched. I know you may not be able to afford the Mary's nutritional line but you should at least learn more about how quality products are made so you can get good quality in a price you can afford.

  9. I would not try vaping because people are dying from lung disease and ling cancer from it.
    I have tried moringa and cbd. I got the best relief with a combination of smaller than recommended doses. THAT BEING SAID, watch for taking the CBD late in the day bc some people including myself will get insomnia and be awake all night. Not everyone will experience that. Just be aware. It was very difficult to regulate back to a normal sleep schedule.

  10. I vape nicotine replacement to help quit smoking and it helps. However, recently there's been a lot of cases of teenagers getting cannabis vape from lord know who and they're getting sick. If you're thinking of vaping cannabis DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND BUY FROM A REPUTABLE SOURCE.

  11. Hi granny, thank you for the information. I myself have rheumatoid arthritis and take a long list of prescribed medicines and some by injection but still suffer a lot. I’m always looking for non prescription medicines I can try. I will definitely be looking into these suggestions. Have a good day. X

  12. Hi! I'm in Norfolk, England, UK. I have not experienced vaping myself so cannot comment on personal experience however there have been a number of vaping-related deaths reported here recently. I suffer with joint pain particularly in my knees but was also getting it down the front of my legs so tried CBD oil and it helped briefly but by the time I had finished my second bottle its positive effect had worn off. I have subsequently found out that I am gluten sensitive and have removed gluten from my diet which has caused the pain in the front of my legs to completely disappear and my knee pain has lessened considerably. x

  13. Good evening Granny.
    I started using the moringa because I read how good it is for us. I all of a sudden realized the ringing in my ears was so much less. I didn’t know it would help that and it may not help everyone in that way. I do feel better taking it.
    I also got some at Walmart until we can order it from a company called Piping Rock. They have a special right now for 2 bottles 1000 mg capsules 120 capsules in each bottle 2 bottles are $14.39. Their shipping is very cheap and it is the same no matter how much you order.
    We use the CBD oil for mom she is 91 with dementia and she gets anxious. We give her some and she goes to sleep. Also I rub it on her back she has arthritis & old compression fractures.
    I haven’t actually taken it but I broke my big toe about a month ago and rubbed it on it and it helped. We have gotten it on eBay when people have a special on it so we have to research when we need it.
    I don’t think I would mess with vaping. I personally don’t like anything like that in my lungs.
    Glad you are doing more natural things. I’ve been an RN for 38 years & I’ve seen what prescription drugs do to people.
    Have a blessed day!

  14. What is the brand of the hemp oil? Can’t make it out. Also I believe there is a difference between cbd oil and hemp oil. That’s why it was cheaper I think.
    Also again please don’t vape. Not good.

  15. Hemp oil is not CBD it’s made from the seed of the hemp plant totally useless I have RA never heard of the stuff in the bottle and vaping is stupid thing to do…All 3 is nothing but a money racket in my opinion like they say if you THINK something will work it does…

  16. Do not buy vapes from random gas stations. They contain harmful additives. Real vapes are 3 ingredients. If you cannot pronounce it or know the core source of said ingredients dont ingest it. Simple.

  17. As a pharmacist, I suspect the problem with vaping is the propylene glycol carrier that is used for the vape “juice”. I think that’s what’s causing the lung damage. Just my two cents. I wouldn’t do it.

  18. SAY NO TO VAPING! None of it is safe – Michigan is outlawing any vaping substance with flavor because kids are getting hooked on it and getting "popcorn lung" and dying.

    I know money is tight, but may I suggest you get tested for food allergies/intolerances? You can buy home test kits off Facebook for a cheap price ( I paid almost $1k at an allergist office for the same thing!

    I had been chronically I'll, depressed and achy for years. Medical tests revealed nothing, "it's all in your head). The only thing I had not been tested for was reactions to foods. To my knowledge it had never been a problem, but I started experiencing such pain in my guts that I ended up in ER on a narco drip. "It's all in your head".

    I've been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight FOREVER, and are a healthy diet. Only 100% whole wheat bread, lean beef and meats, dairy especially yogurt, etc. I went low carb for a long time, substituting cauliflower for potatoes. No weight lost.

    Finally food allergy testing revealed I had major reactions. For a food to NOT cause inflammation, it had to be ranked at "2" or less. My dairy was 68, and wheat was 470+! Mind you, I do not have celiac disease. But every time I had a bite of toast or glass of milk, I was accumulating long term inflammation throughout my body.

    I eliminated all grain/gluten and dairy. Within just a few days I felt better. And guess the only single food I am truly allergic to…cauliflower! That's right, the thing I was eating almost every day to replace potatoes.

    So, get yourself tested for food allergies and intolerances!

  19. I started vaping in 2013. I started to quit smoking. I vape alot, daily. Never had a ill affect from it. I know so many people that vape and I've never met anyone that had an adverse reaction. I have seen the reports of problems with the lungs and I just have to wonder if the tobacco companies aren't behind it due to lost revenue.

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