American Pie cbd hemp flower from Five Leaf Wellness

This is my review of the CBD hemp flower strain called American Pie. This strain comes from five leaf Wellness

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25 thoughts on “American Pie cbd hemp flower from Five Leaf Wellness

  1. Would you rather get an oz for 80 thats top shelf, or 240-280 for legit medical cbd like from empire wellness or starseed botanicalz? I find it hard to see how it cud be worth literally 200 dollars more, when the locally produced top shelf is already that sticky icky ooo-wee taste like regular amazing tree, and super potent? Are the effects from the 240+ price range really that much better? I tried to try a 1/8 of the "crazy good stuff" but the person i talked to from starseed was straight up a dickhead when asked a simple easy question (they took they payment iiinstantly and when asked is there something wrong with the order or maybe lost in the mail? They hadnt even processed the order let alone send it by the time it should have been delivered and then some.) Kind of put me off of thinking bout the high price stuff if i get treated like dirt, them bein snobby and comin at me verbally, is it worth another go? If so, what place would u recommend for supposedly AAA+ grade stuff? Keep it coo, tennis shoe πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. New subscriber here. I was curious on some things as I do more research into this cbd flower. I suffer from extreme anxiety. And want to stay away from all the pharmaceutical bs. I used to smoke but it gave me anxiety so bad when I did. I guess the high feeling is too much with the racing heart and the feeling like I cant breathe feeling. Do you believe this would help me.? Sometimes even the thought of smoking gives me anxiety. So I'm kinda nervous. Btw love the intros

  3. love this dude no homo. keep up the great work you funny man! awesome work and the positive and motivation you got wish i could have that like you lmao

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