Me smoking some CBD HEMP FLOWER and rambling

12 thoughts on “Me smoking some CBD HEMP FLOWER and rambling

  1. Wish I could be off on my birthday lol nice video btw! Still can’t get over how cute you are! :)) My day has been okay just work and shit ya know how it is lol

  2. Happy b-day from ohio. Im seshin with you on this vid. Im vaping a mix of cbd and thc bud. The cbd is sour space candy and the thc is juicy fruit! Such a great mix 😎

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm from Tennessee here.. Just grabbed a half oz of Gas and 2 prerolls of 7 Cherries from Five Leaf Wellness in Chattanooga (where do they come up with these names of strains lol). Definitely some pretty buds and tasty smokins!

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