How to Make Your Own THC Oil Cartridges 510

In this video, we walk you through how you can make your own THC oil cartridges to vaporize through a 510 thread vape pen. Here is a list of what you may need:
Shatter Batter Liquidizer:
CCell TH2 Oil Cartages –
CCell Vape Batteries –
PCKT Vapes –
Hippie Nano Plus –
Oil Syringe –

More info and pictures:

You’ll need to source your concentrate from a reliable source, such as a dispensary in California to ensure it is produced and processed properly.

If you are wondering why people are using 510 oil cartridges instead of vaping dry herbs or smoking a joint, the difference is the convenience of application.

If you are able to medicate with a joint every time you need to, you don’t need these oil vape cartridges, just keep smoking joints or vaping dry herbs.

Those are great ways to apply cannabis medication, so you are all set.

However, for many people that is not the case. They can’t smoke a joint during a day for example due to work or other circumstances. These 510 vape oil cartridges are a lot more discrete than burning down a joint.

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28 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own THC Oil Cartridges 510

  1. Flavorless terpenes are best to dilute your shatter or distillate any wax or fats need to be removed/ winterizing.

    Make sure your not vaping peg 400 or mct oil alot of these brands sell that crap in their product its bad for you

  2. Each molecule is burned at certain temp the thc is taken seprate from terps and cbd cbn thcv thca delta 9 thc and delta 8 ect… The terps are then readded with the thc to make the strain or taste u like so much….unless its full spectrum …its just thc with strain or food grade terps.

  3. Hey I have a question I got some 10mg THC pills they got oil inside of them I'm low on my cartridgeI was just wanting to know if you could dump the oil from the THC pills into a cartridge and smoke it

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