Is Vaping CBD Safe or Dangerous? Avoiding the Risks

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Vaping CBD is Safe – Relax!

Is vaping CBD safe? Is it dangerous? Well, it is safe but not risk free. It is a wellness tool, and like any tool has to be used properly. In this video I reveal three rules that will ensure that you vape CBD hemp extract safely.

Vaping has a bad reputation, but it is not inherently hazardous. Vaping is not smoking. Smoking is combustion – burning. And vaping atomizes liquid into tiny droplets suspended in air.

Vaping CBD is safe – or at least it should be if you’re mindful of a few things.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that the greatest risk from vaping CBD hemp extract is using a vape product that comes from a questionable source. Many CBD vape products out there are made by shady producers looking to profit on the popularity of CBD. If you buy a Hemp vape juice that is not legitimate, you might be inhaling dangerous substance like, pesticides, heavy metals, mold and even synthetic cannabinoids.

This is easily avoided if you buy you products from a quality manufacturer that uses US-grown hemp and also follows GMP – good manufacturing processes.

Secondly, buy well known, name-brand vaping devices that are work well and are dependable. Keep the clean and away from water.

Another rule is to vape CBD at low temperature or power settings, this avoids any dangers of high temperature vaping and also avoids the degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Thirdly, buy quality coils and cartridges and replace them often. Coils degrade over time and should be changed with regularity. Buy cotton coils rather than ceramic.

So there you have it – buy good stuff, vape at low temps and change you coils often. Easy right.? Do a little research about where your CBD is coming from. Follow these and you don’t have to worry about an side effects from vaping.


20 thoughts on “Is Vaping CBD Safe or Dangerous? Avoiding the Risks

  1. Hey I was wondering if you could help me out? I bought hemp lucid vape drip and a new vape called mig vapor morpeus and noticed when I hold down the button it burns and taste really bad. Any help or suggestions on products I should use with hemp lucid vape drip?

  2. Great channel thanks , I’ve just bought some CBD oil to vape , it’s a 10ml bottle with 1000mg . I think that’s ok unless you can suggest otherwise? My question is I’ve only had 4 puffs , it did calm me down but 1 hour later I’ve an upset stomach do you think it’s a coincidence

  3. I bought vape and cbd oil yesterday with no nicotine but my throat and chest hurts. I’ve never smoked anything in my life but I thought trying it for my anxiety. Is it because I’m just not used to it? Is mr. Lee’s cbd oil a good product?

  4. I have type 2 diabetes, can I vape cbd without effecting my bpm/blood pressure. I have the option to take the tincture, but it's more convenient and cheaper to vape.

  5. What is your opinion on using CBD in juul pods I typically do it and don’t usually get many upset stomachs or anything like that, I try to keep it clean and try not to reuse the pods too much but is there anything I should watch out for

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