How to Use a Rolling Machine for Beginners

HIGH FRIENDS! Today we teach you how to use a RAW Rolling Machine – steps here can be applied to any brand roller! This is the easiest method for learning how to roll quickly🙌

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47 thoughts on “How to Use a Rolling Machine for Beginners

  1. This will help me a lot. All my older friends got way more expierence with manual rolling and they always have to help me lol. Thank you so much this was the best most clear tutorial I have seen tonight. Ima try my best to get one.

  2. What is the point of the tip that "you fold like a W"? I'm not trying to be snarky, I just don't understand. I'm an old guy who has been rolling joints for a long time (albeit rather poorly) and have never used any kind of tip. Is it so you don't have a hard to handle roach when you're finished? That's why they invented roach clips. Help me understand this.

  3. Love the vid guys! New subscriber as well. Been using this for a few weeks on my high cbd flower. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis the list goes on lol. It really helps me feel like a better person. Helps more than my meds. My dream is to make videos some day like you guys. Love the vibe guys!

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