CBD Oil for Anxiety – UNEXPECTED Effects and Benefits

25 thoughts on “CBD Oil for Anxiety – UNEXPECTED Effects and Benefits

  1. If you want to vape something that has an actual psychoactive effect, check out Buddha Blend. It’s a vape/smoke mixture you can find on eBay and Etsy that’s infused with a hemp extract. Strongest legal CBD vape product I’ve found. But I prefer the full spectrum capsules from EE, I’m not crazy about inhaling anything

  2. For people who have trouble paying for the very high cost of CBD, google Low Income CBD or CBD Assistance Programs. You will find lists of companies that offer discounts for low income people & veterans. Some of the companies doing this are highly rated, eg, BluebirdBotanicals, NuLeaf, American Shaman, Charlotte's Web & more. I contacted Bluebird 2 days ago, but I heard it takes at least 3 days to get a decision on your application. Good luck.

  3. Its not vibrating its heating up a coiled wire that vaporizes the oil and you took quite a few hits these little oil capsules are refered to as cartridges, the oil lasts anywhere from a week to a month possibly two depending on how much you smoke

  4. I tried the tincture orange dream..for my anxiety..helped calm my anxiety..slept good , those vivid dreams though sheesh the whole entire night. I usually don’t dream much..but last night seemed like an overload. Maybe it was the oil..🤷🏽‍♀️ as long as it calmed my anxiety I’m all for it.

  5. If anyone is interested in CBD, I highly recommend trying out smokable hemp flower! It have essentially no THC (<0.3%) and around 15%-20% CBD. Many find the full spectrum of cannabinoids in flower provides more effective relief than oils (unless they are full spectrum) and tinctures! It's legal in all 50 states and can be ordered online for cheap (~$5/gram). Different strains can provide varying individual effects, some like Lifter are lower in myrcene making it better for daytime use. Others like Special Sauce or Elektra tend to be higher in myrcene, making them ideal for sleep aid. Most strains are effective for boosting mood and reducing anxiety!

  6. I have not been my true self in over 12 years. 🙁 just started using CBD oil. Hasnt done too much for me, gonna try this company next maybe, or just get a higher potency. my gf on the other hand says the CBD vape juice i got helps her relax. I will say tho, When i do have a headache, smoking my CBD def helps. lol

  7. Is this bad for a kid because I am going to start doing cbd and I’m 13 and I don’t know what type to get, I want a cheap effective way and I need my mom to approve

  8. wow anyone else notice the difference in his face from the beginning of the video compared to the end? that shit lit up, impressive stuff

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