Vaping Tips – How to Wick Your Coil (4 methods – dual and single)

Wicking Your Coil! In this video, I show you 4 ways to wick RDA coils using organic cotton balls.


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40 thoughts on “Vaping Tips – How to Wick Your Coil (4 methods – dual and single)

  1. Never understood why people use so much wick in their atty. All you need is that the tails of the wick drop down to the bottom of the atty so it can pick up the juice and wick it through to the coil. Especially cotton (but to an extend also rayon and hemp) will hold liquid instead of wick it, so the more excess wick you have, the worse it becomes to switch flavors. On top of that, excess wick will only hamper the airflow.
    Just keep your tails nice and short and you'll get a lot nicer vaping experience.

  2. One of my petpeeves with vape videos is people cannot help themselves but suck on their vape throughout their video to prove they vape. Or do it as an intro. Seriously not how you handle a video

  3. Your video of The Rollercoaster made my vaping step up into a whole new level. Appreciate your tutorial method 3 worked Awesome. I was aiming for more smoke and it works perfect. Thanks so much.

  4. Thanks for the video, u r right there r not many vids out there on different wicking methods, I've always liked to experiment with multiple ways and so it was nice to see ur different wicking set up's… I've actually used a mesh coil RTA and put a regular single coil in it and used ur first method that u showed and also did a under tuck with the single coil so I ended up with the cotton thru the center and pulled back underneath the coil, it's great for a really saturated vape and flavor. Thanks for keeping it real….

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